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Brussels Airlines, member of Lufthansa Group, is Belgium’s national airline. We connect the capital of Europe to more than 70 destinations. Maintenance & Engineering is at the core of our operations: we make sure our birds stay in the air! 

As we are on the path to growth again, with fleet expansions and the newest type of aircraft joining, we are looking for colleagues in all areas of expertise! Next to (licensed) aircraft technicians, we are also hiring in our shops, sheet metal, cabin, logistics as well as in our engineering teams. 

At Brussels Airlines, we offer salaries in line with the industry and the travel perks that come with an airline. We also offer a structured career advancement program for our aircraft technicians, supported by training (formal/on the job) and coaching. In the other disciplines, we offer opportunities for growth for those who are willing to learn and actively shape their career. 

In beeld

During an internship within Brussels Airlines Maintenance & Engineering you assist the licensed aircraft Technician A, B1, or B2 in performing scheduled and unscheduled line- and light-maintenance tasks according to the appropriate aircraft maintenance manuals. You will not only work in the hangar, where we perform larger repairs and maintenance, but you will also work on the tarmac where we must quickly troubleshoot problems on arriving and departing aircrafts. All maintenance is performed within stringent norms of tolerance and precision following established procedures and using the approved and calibrated tools and equipment, and this as per our following work scopes:

  • Line & Light Maintenance on the Airbus A320 family fleet
  • Line & Light Maintenance on the Airbus A330 fleet
  • Junior technician (traject B1 or B2)
  • Engineering Department
  • Shop Technicians
  • Cabin Technicians
  • Logistics

To ensure that absolutely every part of the plane receives regular check-ups, our M&E department is divided into dedicated teams, who are each responsible for different parts of the aircraft. There are teams that focus on the engines, on structural components (such as the wings), on the interior, and so on. The colleagues at Maintenance & Engineering meticulously note every change, repair and maintenance, however minor. You can’t even change the soap dispenser in the lavatory without someone at M&E keeping a record of it.

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